All vehicles from forklifts and four-wheelers to semi-trailers and trains, are operating in the tough Australian environment and exposed to extreme conditions every day.  All Lanotec products have undergone extremely thorough testing in the toughest of environments to produce a range that is extremely effective whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Lanotec’s Automotive Range

  • Liquid Lanolins – Heavy Duty and General Purpose
  • Type “A” Grease
  • Citra-Force

Lanotec’s Liquid Lanolins

 Lanotec produces two liquid lanolins – General Purpose Liquid Lanolin and Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin.  Heavy Duty should be used when a higher level of protection and lubrication is required.
  • Mechanical:
    •  Protection and lubrication of battery terminals and carriers, springs, twist locks, wheel hubs (particularly bud stud wheels and washers), all brake hardware, wire cables, chains, nut and bolt threads
  •  Chassis and Bodywork:
    •  Protection and lubrication of chassis rails and body panels, roof lifting poles of pop top taut liners, lock assemblies
    •  Protection, rejuvenation and preservation of timberwork, leather, plastic and vinyls
  • Air Systems:
    • Lubrication of “O” rings and seals
    • Protection against oxidization of internal components
  • Electrical:
    •  Protection and lubrication of ECM circuit boards, control boxes, switchgear, toggle switches and electrical connectors
    • Protection of starter motors, alternators, pumps and generators
    • Protection of the micro-processing equipment of refrigeration units on road, rail and sea vehicles
  • Forklifts and Cranes:
    • Protection and lubrication of wire rope, pulleys and cables
    • Penetration and protection of chains such as heavy lifting, leaf and “O” rings
  • General Purpose – 125g aerosol, 400g aerosol, 750ml trigger pack, 1L, 5L, 20L
  • Heavy Duty – 400g aerosol,  750ml trigger pack, 1L, 5L, 20L

Lanotec Type "A" Grease

Lanolin in its natural form, Type “A” Grease is a food grade grease suitable for protecting equipment that is exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Lubrication of linkages
  • Prevent “squealing” of drive belts and tensioners to keep them in a good condition and non-slip when wet (note: only a light application is required on toggle switches)
  • 235ml, 500ml, 1L and bulk containers

Lanotec Citra-Force

Originally developed to remove lanolin, Citra-Force is a natural, concentrated, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that utilises the key ingredient of citrus oil.  It is non-conductive to 30kV, biodegradable and acts as an excellent general purpose cleaner.
  • Removal of grease, oil, tar, silicone, carbon, adhesive decal glue and tyre rubber on most surfaces
  • Replace carburetor cleaner, brake cleaner and electrical contact cleaner
  • 400g aerosol, 1L, 5L, 20L