Lanolin has been used in the marine industry for centuries.  Its proven formula offers unmatched lubrication and corrosion protection making it especially effective for use on equipment operating in a marine environment.   Lanotec has used the key ingredient of lanolin to produce a range of products that are environmentally friendly whilst remaining extremely effective.

In recent years, the commercial fishing and aquaculture industries have turned to Lanotec as an environmentally sensitive alternative to petrochemical products polluting our waterways.  The regular use of Lanotec products will significantly extend the life of equipment and surfaces exposed to corrosive conditions.  All Lanotec products are free of anti-fouling agents and have been independently tested to meet NATA standards.

Lanotec’s Marine Range

  • General Purpose Liquid Lanolin
  • Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin
  • Type “A” Grease
  • Timber Seal

Lanotec General Purpose Liquid Lanolin

Ideal for all round lubrication and protection, General Purpose Liquid Lanolin can be used on a variety of surfaces as an environmentally sensitive alternative to petrochemical based products.
  • Protect:
    • Engines, power generators, tools, hoses, manifolds, batteries and terminals and other electrical equipment from salt humidity and corrosives
    • Outboard motors and stern drives
    • Circuit boards and ECUs, aerials, electric motors, alternators and generators, electrical switchgear and connectors from salt water, acids and crystallisation
    • Fishing equipment
    • Marine accessories including zippers, awnings and covers
  • Soak control cables prior to installation
  • Restore and protect plastic seats and fittings, sliding windows, hinges and locks, tools, leather and rubber items
  •  125g aerosol, 400g aerosol, 750ml trigger pack, 1L, 5L, 20L

Lanotec Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin

Offering a higher level of protection and lubrication than General Purpose, Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin is highly effective at repelling salt, moisture and acids in highly corrosive environments.
  • Protect winches, cables, anchors, anchor lockers, chains and wired cables from salt water corrosion
  • Lubricate chains
  • 400g aerosol,  750ml trigger pack, 1L, 5L, 20L

Lanotec Type “A” Grease

Lanolin in its natural form, Type “A” Grease can be used to protect, lubricate and rejuvenate equipment exposed to extreme conditions.  It is non conductive to 70kV and a food grade grease.
  • Lubricate linkages, prop shafts, return springs and pivots
  • Protect hydraulic fittings, valves, pumps and “O” rings 
  • 235ml, 500ml, 1L and bulk containers

Lanotec Timber Seal

Timber Seal is commonly used to highlight the wood’s natural grain, waterproof and protect timber and prevent the corrosion of metal fastenings.
  • Protect cabin fittings, jetties and marinas against drying, splitting and rotting
  • Creates traction on timber surfaces
  • Creates a smooth, attractive natural timber finish
  • 1L, 5L and 20L