Shell. We've been using Lanolin for approximately twelve months and found it to be of high quality and capable of many tasks, some of which we have listed below. With the added bonus of being a natural non-toxic environmentally friendly product we find it a great benefit and would recommend it's use in these applications. KBDownload
Gold Coast City Council. Citra-Force has saved time with labour, steam cleaning, high water pressure and frustration by being effective, user friendly, cost effective and environmentally safe. KBDownload
Qld Rail. Having now used Lanotec product for more than 15 months, I find, our extensive testing has shown all products are working well, and now are our preferred products in all areas tested. KBDownload
McGuigan Simion Wines. We have not had a single chain failure and the necessary lubrication intervals have extended dramatically. Lanotec's Heavy Duty easily the best lubricant we have ever used for chains as well as providing unbeatable weather protection KBDownload
Alpha Rigging. We use your product for a range of different applications. We have found it to be excellent when used as an anti-sieze agent and rust protector for Chain and Wire Rope Slings. Overall, your product is very user friendly, of a high quality, but most of all reliable KBDownload
Savcor. We have been using Lanotec products since the job started and found that maintenance costs and down time have been reduced considerably. KBDownload
Overell Transport. Since we started using Citra-Force cleaner and lanolin based products supplied by Lanotec Australia Pty Ltd, we have noted a marked improvement in service life of our equipment. KBDownload
Nambucca Shire Council. Apart from "doing the job" the product is easy to use, does not require special equipment to protect the staff and is environmentally friendly which is critical for structures over water courses. KBDownload
Millards. The ECU's were showing signs of moisture and corrosion. We cleaned the boards with Citra-Force, then dried the boards off before applying a coat of Lanotec GP as a moisture barrier. Initially an attempt had been made to start some of these vehicles before any work was carried out with no success. After cleaning and coating the ECU's they were sent for testing with only one requiring replacing. KBDownload
Lockers. Lanotec has been a fantastic solution to our problems in this environment and I have no hesitation I recommending this product for the purpose set out in this letter. KBDownload
John Holland. The Queensland workshop/store have recently been conducting trials on a new environmentally friendly product for use as a penetrant, lubricant, and corrosion inhibitor called LANOTEC HD. Trials of this product have proven more than satisfactory for a number of reasons. KBDownload
Ingersoll. I am sure that any person or company seeking a solution for corrosion control or lubricants for use in harsh environments, would find Lanotec the right product for the application. KBDownload
Incitec. I have no hesitation to recommend Lanolin HD as a product for use in any facility or home. The product is currently being nominated for use by contracted service personnel for use on our Fleet Machinery including fork-lifts and front-end loaders. KBDownload
Eden National Park (NSW). We find it a fantastic product on everything we use it for. As you may know we will be spraying the Historic Whaling Stationer buildings with Lanotec Timber Seal Plus, to preserve the external fabric which is unpainted hand split boards. KBDownload
Cathy Wren. Prior to the start of the Tiger season we used your Heavy Duty on everything from hydraulic fittings to the door hinges as a rust inhibitor & lubricant and the Type "A" Grease on our trawl wires as well as the turnbuckles, shackles and blocks. One of the things we did notice is that the lanolin does not wash off in water but leaves a fine film over the metal . . ." KBDownload
Bullivants. The two advantages that I have observed with the Lanotec HD is that it does not dry out and in retaining its fluid state it has exceptional adhesion under adverse conditions KBDownload
Brisbane Dyno Bikes. Since being introduced to Lanotec's range of products over 12 months ago, I have used them at every opportunity. As a mechanic, it is advantageous to have a product range that is both effective and flexible in it's application KBDownload
Bechtel. Our Demag crane is capable of walking while carrying around 500T on the hook and all up, it can weigh in excess of 900T, all being carried on the two tracks. We need to keep these tracks lubricated under these conditions and Lanotec has provided a safe and environmentally friendly solution." KBDownload